Sraith Pictiúr

All of our Sraith Pictiúr 2020 lessons can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Our complete set of Premium Sraith Pictiúr videos and notes are now available (for FREE) on the official Sraith Pictiúr Course 2020.

The course is incredibly detailed and provides every student with a wide range of phrases to choose from.

  • Play/listen to each video at least twice
  • Write down the meaning of all the key phrases (that you’d like to use)
  • Pay particular attention to the pronunciation of the key phrases
  • Write out a script for each picture
  • Your script should last no more than 35 seconds per picture (on average)
  • Using your phone, read your script aloud and record it
  • Listen to and study your tailored sraith scripts as frequently as possible

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Video 1 – SP2020: 06: An Ghaeilge – seoid luachmhar agus cuid dár gcultúr